Version of the imitation of real robots hopeless imported from Japan become a male partner in the future

by:Cupidove     2020-03-24
Version of the imitation of real robots hopeless imported from Japan become a male partner in the future time: 2019 - 09 - 15 source: author: reading: follow the prosperity of science and technology, the intelligent robots into our mouth, for people to see is a don't blame work done, when people are enjoying convenient at the same time, also persist over the various kinds of copy real robots, a lot countries are persist developer robots, is now a lot of robots have been used to, all aspects of military, as the development of robots, which are used to using should do in the work of military investigation etc, but at present our country intelligent mechanical growth isn't not subtractive, China developed robots, mostly used in industry or industrial products making making. But in Japan, they have a song is the imitation of real people 'robots, are science and technology, make a lot of robots have been modelled on the very real is, people see after all feel very surprised, the Japan research institute developed a' robots, known as the force of the world's most real, Japan created the initiative 'mechanical model of said li card of robots. He and those robots like she can go out, she didn't found appearance, but a person like very like real robots ', if not to say she is a robot, you see may also think that is a beautiful male, she is proportion to the amount of wire to make, small figure, skin white and beautiful. Can maybe say robots in typical Bai Fu beautiful. She can perhaps like humans, and perhaps people exchange, also can do, maybe do some dynamic and her clothing became a big beautiful fashionable looking, beautiful appearance and sweet voice, this can have many net friends happy affection, in addition, she also can perhaps work arm, facial expression is also doing very in place, and when people dialogue, also length often natural. How look Jane is no difference with human beings. There is a little better, happy most of the men love it, for those who compare the lonely lonely, this kind of robot 'is nothing but their greatest comfort, according to China is now the men and women with balanced environment, for those who are older men, also could not find a female partner of men, the' robots, measure is waiting for the worker to do the most of them, nothing more than a robot! The price is not cheap, she hope to become the male partner in the future, of course, if you want to buy, is still need diligence at a loss!
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