Using silica gel zero wallet, solve the problem of COINS to carry easily

by:Cupidove     2020-08-31

the purse is essential, for every adult toys it not only can be used to receive all kinds of CARDS and cash, but also can treat as accessories. So for primary school students, the children, their pocket money in where? Pocket or bag, that keys, these small objects on which bus card?

here is to recommend a suitable for students with silicone wallet bag, the material as the name suggests is made of silica gel, the material non-toxic environmental protection, and cartoon character very accord with the young girl to use. Purse itself can be high temperature resistant, wear resistant, compact and practical, at ordinary times maintain rise very convenient also. The little purse for some change, keys, bus card, student card, headset, data line miscellaneous pieces of these small is good. OK, few words said, to a few picture and have a look!

recommend one: happy gentleman silicone zero wallet

the purse size is 8 * 10 cm, 50 g in weight. Character expression has eight choices on the wallet, happy, show MOE, sad, angry, and so on. Like it can prove to buy all the expression, when in the morning, if is a good mood is happy, if not happy, he brought angry, this is like the heart on the 'face', ha ha. The color is white, men and women can use.

recommendation 2: cartoon animals silicone wallet

the size is about 10 * 11. 5 cm, the weight is 100 g. Its simple lovely design, color, colorful animals to the modelling of big head small ear is very popular among girls. Small pocket, COINS, small stuff such as lipstick, key put casually.

recommendation three: KT cat silicone purse

this is HelloKitty cat shape, size 10 cm wide, high 8 cm, 48 g in weight. On the color in the rainbow color is given priority to, the applicable scope is very wide also, the little girl, female college students, and even young women can use at work. Wallet tactility is very smooth, the surface spray hot oil, smooth non-stick dust. Small purse itself, at ordinary times need not can put in bags, it is easy to carry.

well, today first recommend these three super popular silicone zero wallet, the price is very cheap, generally between BaJiuKuai to ShiSiWuKuai. More main, such a fun and practical silicone wallet, it can add a bit of color to your life.

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