Used for internal explosion-proof tire tire explosion-proof silicone glue

by:Cupidove     2020-04-23

to be used for internal explosion-proof tire tire explosion-proof silicone glue

here is a silica gel, applied in the field of a new product, tire explosion-proof silica gel, the silica gel is on the inside of the tire, when the tire is firm, silica gel will quickly heal, not a flat effect. The basic principle is as follows.

after a long time of research and development, Cupidove silicone products finally the development of a suitable silica gel, the key problem is a breakthrough, silica gel and tyre adhesive, silica gel of softness, cone into the degree, into nails, whether can recover, at present this kind of adhesive technology is mature, can batch production, there are several factories are doing this kind of tyre, market prospect one be bright, interested friends can discuss together.

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