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Use Vibrating Penis Ring Safely

Use Vibrating Penis Ring Safely


Vibrating penis ring is as one of popular sex toy in recent years, the penis ring has been loved by many people, A penis ring can make your erection bigger and harder,  help men last longer, help you have better sex with partner. According to most people who have used, the silicone loop can help men lock ejaculation and last long for their sex life. So how long does it help men? Most people use the penis ring to extend the time, basically 15-30 minutes more than usual, it can be seen that is very effective. But it is very important to use the penis ring correctly , The following advice for reference.

1. Whether the penis vibrator is worn correctly. At the beginning, some men may not be able to wear it. It is best to use it with lubricating fluid. Then the locking ring must have no problem at the root of the penis, otherwise it will be not comfortable .


2. Make sure it fits , The cock will be bigger and harder than usual,but not so tight that you feel numb. The silicone cock ring can adjustable and stretchy ,they are easier to adjust to your size. You can let your partner help adjust if necessary .


3. Is the ring clean? The cock ring must be cleaned before and after use, otherwise the bacteria will be brought into the body, causing pain or itching, and the pleasure of using the lock ring will be greatly reduced.


4. If you feel the ring is tight and difficult , use some lube .



Safely use a cock ring :


1. Occasionally, it is also harmless. However, if the words are used frequently, the physiological functions of the human beings are violated, and the physiological functions are reversed, and eventually serious consequences are caused. One is to improve control, the other is to play well as the foreplay, the third is to be careful not to be too excited, and the fourth is to pay attention to the frequency and range of insertion. Husband and wife should also have more talks, such as where women like, when women need most.

2, Take if off after 20 minutes, User must know that the ring on the penis is good and bad, must be used correctly. The good news is that it can give physical therapy for erections and whole blood flow. The bad news is that it can cause damage to the penis if it is used for too long. The right thing to do: no more than three times a week, no more than 20 minutes each time.



The important features of cock ring :

1. Adjustable, Adjustable cock rings help man easily wear on and remove .

2. Stretchy , Usually made of soft silicone ,that stretch to wrap around penis for different size

3. Vibrating ,vibrating part can stimulate woman clitoris ,Vibrating rings help the woman more to achieve more itense clitoral


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