Use the compound - announced Olympic Games Silicone products in there

by:Cupidove     2020-09-04

the games for people around the world is very sacred, so that the Olympic committee to add more elements of many researchers in various sports, athletes and the scene more perfect, and these things, including synthetic rubber compound, which took the number of the silicone material and so on common silicone products, we usually used on the Olympic Games of compounds have what different place?

no matter that the open mode, lift we didn't see it in the Olympic flame extinguished! Then what's the reason that produce this kind of things? The main ingredients in the fuel of the torch is propane, it belongs to a non-hazardous chemicals, no harm to any matter, although in the case of strong wind storm, also won't put out, this is one of the reasons, of course, the Olympic flame is always can't put out!

in the process of running, you know why the referee gun why white smoke? Among them main add become red phosphorus and potassium chlorate, along with the noise impact will produce chemical reaction, appear white smoke!

in many projects of athletes on the hand, daub is white powder, the powder in our common life think is likely to play table tennis, will be more slippery, but they use different, mainly magnesium carbonate powder, sweating can strongly hygroscopic! Make it more solid grasp the barbell, reduce the friction coefficient.

we see in the swimming pool of water is always blue, but not the color of the basin, the main reason is workers add little dose of copper sulfate, it can pool sterilization, can guarantee the health of athletes.

said such a few examples, then these compound material there is no any correlation for silicone rubber products, but they are in the middle of the raw materials of any a compound may be added to the mixing become solid silicone rubber as raw materials, and through mixing silicone products manufacturer become the common silicone products, so about the silicone material, different material and different production technology! Can the Olympic Games, it can also use!

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