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by:Cupidove     2020-09-06

unmanned aerial development has been in our life work of a product that cannot be ignored, but with aerial parts silicone products shock absorbing ball is fired as recent drone fire, silica gel shock absorber is most important in unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) suspension parts, and aerial aerial ensure workers to provide more perfect lovers of take-off and landing would be able to smooth, taken in all know in the circle of aerial affect image quality first is the 'wind' the second is 'unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) motor shock effect' is the third 'unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) landing can smoothly, and silica gel suspension ball after installation is mainly to see whether can achieve smooth effect, so the factory on damping ball performance requirements are more strict!

a lot of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) businesses are in the search for matching the shock absorber of high quality silicone products manufacturer for several suitable damping ball, recently our company to provide customers with aerial suspension ball compared to the previous request are tricky, because the size and hardness of the problem led to the subsequent test effect of elastic damping effect was dithering phenomenon products can not meet the requirements, because the requirements of the size is small, 8 mm high, at around 5 mm, the width is smaller than past one or two times so increased the difficulty, but for a variety of problems after a few days of adjustment or for clients to solve the problem, so small make up to summarize several solutions about poor damping ball performance!

for the hardness of products can not meet the requirements, can adopt high strength silicone raw materials in raw materials and raw materials of liquid sulphur less time when from molding machine sulfide appear to feel a bit brittle longer time to get the product less than can effectively promote the springback ability, too small and too soft products may appear in the middle of the steps is too soft, so in the development of the mould will enlarge the mold between heart and die to ensure the central bearing seat has certain thickness elastic enough, second can will increase the hardness of products for five to ten degrees, such as customer need is 40 degrees, can be adjusted to 45 degrees to 50 degrees or so, because the product is too thin different hardness under gravity will be different.

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