Understanding of the silicone mold surface polishing process in detail

by:Cupidove     2020-08-16

each product do not want the product surface is uneven, pitted face, so for the surface finish of the silicone products is important, silica gel products main die polishing method is mainly to reduce the roughness on the surface of the die steel, to really ensure the surface finish of the silicone products still need to begin from mold process above, so for the silicone mold surface finish process what are the treatment?

mold polishing process can be divided into ways, using different methods of processing in the silicone mold, including the following surface treatment method for common process!

electrolytic polishing:

electrolytic polishing are small bulge by selectively dissolved material surface, the surface is smooth. Compared with the chemical polishing, can eliminate the influence of the cathode reaction, the effect is better. Electrochemical cast light process is divided into two steps:

( 1) Macro leveling lysate to spread in the electrolyte, rough surface geometry, Ra> 1μm。

( 2) Anode polarization light level off, the surface brightness, Ra< 1μm。

mechanical polishing:

mechanical polishing is to rely on cutting surface plastic deformation after removed by polishing the convex part of the smooth surface polishing method, commonly used article oil stone, wool wheel, abrasive paper, etc. , with manual operation is given priority to, special components such as surface of solid of revolution, can use tools such as turntable, high surface quality can be used over lapping method. Super throw is to use special abrasive lapping, in lapping and liquid containing grinding material, press on processed workpiece surface, high-speed rotary motion. Using this technique can achieve Ra0. 008 microns of surface roughness, is among the highest in all kinds of polishing method.

ultrasonic polishing:

ultrasonic polishing is the use of ultrasonic as power, promote small abrasive impact surface at high speed, forcing the abrasive on the machining surface, thus reducing its polishing method of table surface roughness.

fluid polishing:

polishing is rely on high speed of fluid flow of liquid and its carrying abrasive erosion surface polishing. Commonly used methods are: abrasive jet machining, liquid jet machining, grinding fluid power, etc. Grinding fluid power is driven by hydraulic pressure, make carry liquid medium to high speed reciprocating abrasive through the workpiece surface. Medium is mainly used in low pressure through the special compound and mixed with good sex of abrasive, abrasive silicon carbide powder can be used.

magnetic abrasive polishing:

magnetic abrasive polishing is the use of magnetic abrasive in the magnetic field is formed under the action of abrasive brush, grinding of workpiece. This method is of high efficiency, good quality, processing condition easy to control, good working conditions. Using appropriate grinding, the surface roughness can reach Ra0. 1μm。

in the silicone products manufacturer in terms of degree of mold polishing finish depends on the appearance quality of the product, so the same process of polishing is an important working procedure, different from other industries polishing process, relatively mold polishing is to enhance the processing efficiency of silicone rubber products and the quality of the products, and so on, so you buy the silicone products surface finish is good formal depends on the polishing process of mold is good!

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