Understand the silicone mat what are the disadvantages and advantages

by:Cupidove     2020-09-13

about gasket material, don't know you will not think of silicone rubber material, it's in our life together, just a lot of friends may just didn't notice it's there, such as car silicone rubber gaskets, food-grade silicone steamer pads, mechanical seal silicone rubber pad and daily life and heat insulation pad, etc. , but none in any field application, they have a common advantage, green environmental protection, the impact on our environment and life won't, so can be put into use in large quantities.

first know it from material, silica gel pad can be divided into a variety of different material grade used in different areas, so ordinary industrial grade, used in machinery and electronics, an external shock protection and so on, this kind of material is usually used to compare common, choose regular material, food grade security level, often used as a contact body skin and common household items, such as the cup mat, food packing, eat mat, etc. , medical high-end level, this kind is contact with internal body substances, such as surgical equipment isolation place, the steamed stuffed bun steamer pad, and other medical grade silicone pad and so on.

ordinary silicone gasket production process is not complicated, it is mainly based on high temperature silicone molding process customization, can produce high transparent, high strength, high hardness, such as different material, mold injection molding through action of high temperature of 200 degrees, fully achieve high temperature sterilization temperature, high temperature resistant - About 40 to 260 degree, instantaneous heat resistance within 1000 degrees, the quality problem of the silicone gaskets main controls on the mould and the production process.

disadvantages and advantages: from the aspects of advantage characteristics, a special silicone rubber gasket properties, such as heat insulation anti-skid, moistureproof and so on of heat-resistant is more common, and the only highlight its advantage lies in the service life of the material, in normal use it won't appear deformation, aging problems such as shrink nobu, so buy normal use after 5 years without any problems.

disadvantages also let many have special requirements of consumers more headaches, silicone material because itself has certain adsorption force, so normally it back automatically draw around the hair and dirt, and silica gel mat want to take to prevent slippery effect must achieve smooth on one side, then the adsorption of dust has become a problem, although you can spray antistatic oil to avoid problems, but its non-slip effect after spraying hot oil drops.

on the other hand, the silicone material basic nothing can destroy it easily, and the counter is sharp knives, so try to avoid collision with sharp blade cutting tool, in addition to cutting tool can instantly destroy it may be as long as the strong base material.

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