Understand the silicone cake mould custom processing and using method

by:Cupidove     2020-08-31

now baking utensils has become one of our commonly used food tools, sometimes we can often see street different shapes elegant cake, cake store a lot of people are best solution, this thing is how to make out? Is actually the bakeware cake mold processing, and said to the silicone cake mould in the early years in foreign countries has spread to every family, gradually rise in domestic in recent years become a common kind of kitchen utensils in baking tools.

the silicone cake mold vulcanization molding mainly adopt silicon rubber raw materials, because of a few big characteristics of outstanding in life, in which raw materials are non-toxic tasteless without any harm to people, and the product has strong resistance to high temperature performance, the production of silicone cake mold processing factory normal production of vulcanizing temperature to 200 degrees, so can be used within a 230 - degree in baking, other products have strong resilience, soft drop water and sealed performance is good, in the process of using the total life length of the more don't have to worry about it! In addition to the silicone products superior performance in different industries all can use.

for the silicone cake mould processing way to it is made by steel mold after hot pressing molding to shape, makes the corresponding mold core in the steel mould cavity, the raw material into the mold inside the mold core pressing vulcanization molding, and the quality of the products with good or bad in addition to the machine in the process of sulfide on the mold has a certain factors, so the mould is the key to make the silicone cake mold, and the price on the market of different cake mold main difference is that the selection of raw materials and mould accuracy requirement to decide!

the cake mold silicone mold how to choose is what consumers worry about a thing, the first is the safety of the product, material and craft of the cake mould, silica gel products factory whether there is a corresponding environmental monitoring as well as secondary curing temperature treatment, the appearance of the product quality as well as the deformation of the product, due to long-term under the situation of high temperature baking cake mold material need to select high tensile tearing resistance material, the color of the product environmental safety, whether or not a food grade glue of color, the shape of the product, because the cake mould out mould sometimes would not be complete, here also have corresponding relationship with the mold.

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