Understand the silica gel products factory products three methods

by:Cupidove     2020-09-22

burrs and appearance treatment is each product is a process with the need to deal with, but you can see the silicone products is not what you imagine so perfect, but through layer upon layer processes to manufacture, the processing of burrs in the middle of the silica gel products industry is the most trouble is also the biggest disadvantage, therefore to make mould for the down side, rubber products for its edge hair, as worried about the bad product and so on!

the treatment can be divided into different methods and technology of the burrs, usually many silicone products factory are using artificial trimming, the main advantage of this method is the product of the stitch do limit, make products to achieve the effect of automatic off burrs, finally artificial pruning can slightly, this method is able to cope with the phenomenon of fewer, so in the face of some miscellaneous pieces of silicone, small parts and how to clean the burrs?

the quantity and the size of the product is small, this time is best for a mechanical trimming method, mechanical through sizing automatic flash position will flash down, and can bulk processing, the efficiency is faster, but the only downside is the size of the machine is not used for manual cleaning is not controlled, so the defective rate will be high, and the mold since the split is not good enough side seat need to manually repair!

the last is some precision for high precision, artist better product appearance, it would need to be refrigerated trimming to meet the requirements, under the condition of low temperature is the cause of frozen trimming, product the thinnest place according to the temperature of brittle automatically fall off burrs, this kind of method for silicone products also is not very common, but usually a lot of precision rubber parts, rubber seal, and so on are all using cold frozen trimming technology to deal with!

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