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by:Cupidove     2020-05-05
On December 28, 1998, held in guangzhou a & other; Sexual health care products & application and prospect of throughout; Seminar, secretary general of the China sexology association professor hewle stressed: sex products not & other; Throughout her medicine &; &ldquo仍然; The harlot throughout the &; , but a meet the normal physiological demand of articles for daily use. At the same time, the use of sex products for prostitution, reduce STDS are good. It should be said that as long as some kind of tools can really help the realization of the function of human sexual physiology and help overcome people face all kinds of sexual problems, help to improve the quality of sex life, and safe and reliable, and can be regarded as normal, positive and helpful. It itself is not moral, ethical and legal issues involved, generally called Yin are unreasonable. Sex toys if he use or spouses use is legal, healthy, but if use undeserved, do not pay attention to clean and is likely to cause infection, is unclean to use; If used for * * * *, the spread of sexually transmitted diseases can be called Yin or tools. Due to the constraint of social environment, human sexual behavior also have dual nature, such as sex occurs between husband and wife is legal, healthy; If in the marriage between a man and a woman, a violation of ethics code of ethics; If it is against the other party will, forcing the other party, which belongs to the rape crime. Visible, for one item, a kind of activity and behavior can have different evaluation criterion, the point is not items, and the behavior itself, but to look at its purpose and environment, synthetically analysed. Therefore, for sex toys, they should be allowed to exist, make its healthy development. Is a new trend of clinical sexology, the application value of sex toys, many treatment from & other; shops & throughout; Transferred to a sex therapist and sexual medicine specialist institutions control, as health care products promote the use, in order to improve the treatment effect, eliminate just by talking & other; Psychotherapy & throughout; Sometimes appears powerless. By using some medical instruments, make the patient can experience for immediate effect, in order to promote sexual dysfunction of rapid and complete recovery. In the shop of many adult health care products, health comfort sex toys are very popular, this is a notable phenomenon. About sexuality experts say: in the current couple divorced increase, STD epidemic or threatened by AIDS, people to adopt healthy comfort to help answer tools, belong to the act of self-discipline and self protection, has certain positive meaning. At the same time, contribute to the stability of society and family harmony happy. Come here to buy healthy comfort sex with the men and women, it is interesting to note that women health comfort sales more than the male health comfort, while buyers tend to be a man, these people often go out, can't accompany the wife do her husband. Of course this to his wife & other; Considerate & throughout; Inevitably contains afraid of his wife & other; An affair & throughout; The suspicion. Natural lady by her husband to buy male health comfort, thering is no lack of motivation is the same. There are also a significant number of divorcee, widowed, single existence dysfunction in elderly people, disabled people, and even the couple together to come to buy, most of these cultural quality is higher, has certain economic basis, the demand and have corresponding purchasing power, into the store in no hurry, ask this ask that, detailed understanding of product performance, types and characteristics of the price, satisfied with the goods of choose and buy his departure. Now, the adult toys supplies market of varieties have been from a single family planning products to health supplies, adult toys toys and lingerie products to improve the quality of sexual life. Buy adult supplies customers with people of all ages, both gray-haired old man, also have a hand in hand together to young people. In hot events throughout the year, we hear the voice of the following: & other; Fixed throughout life will only help decide & extramarital love of husband and wife; “ Husband and wife request of chair & throughout; Will benefit the society. Use utensils or purify social tool, because it helps to release sexual contact person. products on the market now accounts for the ratio of rising, with the modern concept of sexual and physical demand has a great relationship, it promoted the social spiritual civilization development, because it not only effectively prevent some diseases infectious, but also makes the violent behavior caused by sexual desire not satisfied, such as rape crime under control, how much more make no sex family warmth again. So, just make adult products get social recognition, more and more popular in the market.
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