Understand the performance of the silicone kitchen utensils and appliances and material characteristics

by:Cupidove     2020-08-11

the silicone kitchenware products currently on a global scale is very hot, but our country's trade import and export power, in the aspect of silicone products alone will occupy more than 30% of the whole industry in our country, to give priority to with producing silicone kitchenware, silicone countless daily-used products of manufacturers, but the product performance indicators in the world of indicators and the quality of the product has different barriers to testing standards, and so for the silicone rubber material characteristics and performance index of the kitchen utensils and appliances, you know to be able to achieve what standards?

a, silicone rubber material classification and feature

silicone rubber is refers to the main chain consists of silicon and oxygen atoms alternate, usually on the silicon atoms of organic groups have two rubber. Ordinary silica gel is mainly composed of silica containing methyl and small amounts of vinyl link. The introduction of phenyl silicone rubber can be improved the resistance to high and low temperature performance, propyl three fluorine and the introduction of cyano can improve heat resistance and oil resistance of silica gel products. Silicone low temperature resistant performance is good, be in commonly - Can still work under 55 ℃. After the introduction of phenyl, da 73℃。 Its thermal performance is very outstanding, also can long-term work under 180 ℃, slightly higher than 200 ℃ can take several weeks or longer still resilient, instantaneous can resistance to high temperature above 300 ℃. And good permeability, oxygen transmittance is among the highest in the synthesis of polymer. In addition silicone also has physiological features of inert, does not cause clotting, therefore widely used in medical field.


silicone rubber according to their mechanism of sulfide can be divided into different thermal vulcanization silicone rubber points ( High temperature vulcanization silicone HTV) Type, room temperature vulcanizing ( RTV) Type of room temperature vulcanization and polycondensation reaction type and addition reaction type. High temperature materials mainly used in the manufacture of all kinds of silicone products, and articles for daily use of kitchen utensils and appliances, etc. , and room temperature silicon rubber is mainly used as adhesives, potting materials or die. Sulfide dosage the biggest, hot sulfide type and methyl silicone rubber ( MQ) , methyl vinyl silicone rubber ( Most VMQ, dosage and the product brand) , methyl phenyl vinyl silicone rubber PVMQ ( Low temperature resistant, resistant to radiation) , and other eye of silicone rubber, fluorine silicone rubber, etc.

the silicone kitchen utensils and main feature

1, resistant to high and low temperature

in all analysing the widest (silicone working temperature range - 100~350℃) 。 Properly with vinyl silicone rubber, for example, or low phenyl silicone rubber, after thousands of hours of 250 ℃ or 300 ℃ after hundreds of hours in the hot air aging can remain elastic; Low phenyl silicone rubber vulcanizates after 350 ℃ dozens of hours hot air aging can still keep elasticity and its glass transition temperature was minus At 140 ℃, the in - vulcanized rubber 70 ~ 100 ℃ temperatures remain resilient. It is used in the rocket nozzle wall heat coating, can the instantaneous thousands of degrees of high temperature.

2, resistance to ozone aging, oxygen aging, light aging resistance and weather resistance, aging resistance

silicone kitchen utensils and appliances such under free state in outdoor exposure after a few years, no significant change in performance.

3, electrical insulating properties of silicone rubber products in electric insulation performance be affected with damp be affected with damp, frequency or temperature changes smaller, combustion generated after silica are insulators. In addition, less silicon carbon atoms in the molecular structure, and need not carbon black as filler, so seldom happened during arc discharge charred, use very reliable in high-pressure situations. Its excellent corona resistance and arc resistance, corona resistance life 1000 times that of ptfe, arc resistant life is 20 times of fluorine rubber.

4, special surface properties and physiological inert

the surface of the silicon rubber can level of detail is smaller than most of the organic material, low hygroscopicity, soak in water for a long time the bibulous rate is only 1% or so, physical performance is not falling, mouldproof performance is good, with many materials not glue, can isolate the role. As the kitchen utensils and material it tasteless, non-toxic, no bad effect to human body, and minor tissue reaction, good physiological inertia and biological aging.

5, high permeability

the silicone products compared with other high polymer materials, has good air permeability, at room temperature for nitrogen, oxygen and air through the quantity more than 30 ~ 40 times the NR; Permeability to gases selective, such as the carbon dioxide permeability is about five times of oxygen.

6, biomedical properties

the molecular structure of the silicone rubber products features make it with excellent biomedical properties, the successful application of a large number of animal and human trials prove it, silicon except as tableware kitchen supplies, in the industry of the medical industry and better matching can use.

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