- understand the food-grade silicone products How to distinguish and decide it

by:Cupidove     2020-08-28

taking green line is at present, China's policy of promoting mergers business needs the concept of a direction of development, so that to create green peace development become the primary route in the development of our future society, the development on the basis of the industry, industry, agriculture and other industries is the direction of advance, so the green environmental protection industry, environmental protection silicone products has become one of our green development path.

someone says: agricultural gardens, environmental protection industry, light industry, life has a silicone this don't fake, so far in the life more and more daily products and auxiliary tools are replaced by silica gel material, so the silicone articles for daily use is still popular with people of a kind of product, as we now commonly used maternal and infant supplies, this kind of product is used with infants and young children early, but now every industry have disadvantages and advantages of products, how do you distinguish between maternal and child supplies of good or bad?

consumption of environmental protection, non-toxic tasteless is the symbol of the silicone products, and this symbol is different and the difference between a problem, the ordinary materials and food grade materials or medical grade material, and other characteristics, and so on belong to environmental non-toxic materials, and food grade material is able to reach into the mouth and not cause any harm to body of the product, and can meet all testing certification standards, for supplies, maternal and child products are common.

it with ordinary silicon rubber products of silicon atoms in the difference between materials breakdown of size and the proportion of the amount of organic silicon molecules and molecules of miscellaneous pieces of ordinary silica gel degree of around 400 molecular breakdown, the gas phase and food grade glue can reach 1000 molecular details, including structural, product quality and toughness, and stretching the springback and feel is different, it also can detect the smell of it, solid structure, pervious to light resistance, corrosion resistance, and other testing standards.

and judge whether silica gel maternal and child supplies belong to food grade silicone materials have a lot of methods can try, tensile resilience to see whether there are 100% the same, if there is a white long stretch of phenomena, such as no white phenomenon that prove that material is no problem, force strong sex can recover immediately after pressing for a long time, feel better and have a certain toughness strength, more effective way of which is to stretch after to see if there is a white phenomenon.

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