Understand the difference between TPU and silicone products is there

by:Cupidove     2020-08-11

to know know of soft rubber material, it mainly distributed in the kinds of rubber and thermoplastic plastics category, but now many of the accessories and auxiliary materials and life with a soft rubber material to replace and occupy a large amount of decoration market, which USES a more belong to silicone products and TPU, these two kinds of material in the electronic products as well as ordinary decoration products, silicone material and TPU material is very popular, and this two materials compared with other thermoplastic materials, more highlights the safe and environmentally friendly products, then they are exactly what are the differences?

TPU is just the rise of a new type of environmental protection in recent years thermoplastic material, it mainly has the plastic injection molding of the production process, TPU material in the early days are hard plastic, the scope of its hardness due to material mixing technology progress, make it has a breakthrough can achieve similar hardness of silica gel products now, in the range, 60HA- 85HD) Between, and in addition to TPU, PVC, TPR, TPE material can achieve soft effect, they can be by changing the material of each reaction component proportion, can get different hardness of products, and with the increase of hardness, its products are still keep good elasticity and abrasion resistance.

so now a lot of soft qualitative material supplies all choose to adopt this kind of rubber to replace, but the difference lies in the various aspects compared with silica gel performance with different advantages and disadvantages, and TPU material strictly USES more widely, because of its hardness range than silica gel, so as the hardness is different, the scope of the role is also different. TPU prominent sex tender is as follows:

1, the hardness is widespread, by changing the TPU ratio of each reaction component can get different hardness of products, and with the increase of hardness, its products are still keep good elasticity and abrasion resistance

2, high mechanical strength, the bearing capacity of the TPU products, impact resistance and shock absorption performance is outstanding, because the material belongs to the thermal properties of elastomers, it can carry a larger deformation and destructive, and life is good.

3, processability, TPU products can through a variety of molding process processing, has good stability and easy demoulding extrusion grade, the common processing method for processing a thermoplastic material, such as injection molding, extrusion, rolling and so on. At the same time, TPU together with some high polymer material processing can obtain complementary properties of polymer alloys.

4, use range wide, TPU products and silicone rubber products is that they are different material particularity, TPU to do higher hardness of plastic items, in the daily necessities, sports goods, toys, decorative materials, and other fields is widely used, and it also can instead of soft PVC to meet the requirements of environmental protection in the field of more and more.

the silica gel and TPU materials have a common products on the market, such as strap, following, soft toys, etc. , TPU products do hardness 60 or so, it can't see where their differences, and the only can identify their method has the following kinds:

hardness difference: hardness is best to identify their differences, the silicone material feels better, softer material, how as a kind of hardness, the contractility of the TPU products smaller and product basic no springback contractility, so belong to partial hard material, the silica gel products, it has a certain tensile resilience, and soft material, if the two together, the silicone material is certainly belongs to a kind of soft.

material: material is to identify the best they don't, if material for watches, TPU strap will be in use for a long time and difficult to clean up the surface appears smudgy trace, after this kind of phenomenon mainly has certain correlation with its material, compared with silicone band, will not appear smudgy trace phenomenon, main reason is because the material is different, the burning smell of two kinds of material is different, color is different, so can also identify the difference from the burning materials.

handle differences: silicone materials belong to the security environmental protection material, its surface is soft but not necessarily CRC, and TPU and PVC, TPR materials made of finished product, because the factors of polyester type and polyether type elastomer surface is smooth, it has been very good smooth surface after making handle, with antistatic effect, the silica gel is different, it belongs to the silicone and silicon dioxide produced by polymer, such as surface spraying electrostatic oil, there would be no effect of huarun comfortable grip.

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