True and false of silicone rubber to recognize - Teach you how to recognize the silicone products raw materials

by:Cupidove     2020-08-12

silica gel daily life gradually began to cover our life, want to buy a formal quality products has become a difficult problem, we all know that there are people of any industry make fake fake products, has a similar situation in the silicone industry, but standing in the silicone products industry, silicone rubber material is part of the true and false, because even distinguish the true and false or later also only materials with different composition cause performance deterioration, and need consumer friends to distinguish between the advantages and disadvantages of it, that material belongs to the fine goods, which belongs to low quality.

identify silicone products quality of conventional methods is as follows:

1, the weight test, the density of silicone rubber products to 1. 3, so I need high precision instrument analysis of the product weight to 0. 01 grams left and right sides, can be used to identify by means of material and because of the silicon rubber material for normal added, silane coupling agent, silicone resin, silicone oil, silica and other mixing of curing agent and color rubber, and silicone if one of the compounds have error so there are subtle differences in heavy volume, so you can use the same product for precise testing, the weight of lay particular stress on a more add a dose of them, material is more miscellaneous, the production quality of the products will be biased disadvantage direction.

2, immersion test, calculation of silica gel products shrinkage, often silicone products shrinkage is 0. 0012 - 0. After 0013, the sample after two dimensional measurements, and then remove products soaked in the liquid when 20 hours after look at the size of the silica gel products have obvious changes, typically data dimension should be accurate to 0. 1 mm, after testing in case of shrinkage of silicone rubber material after soaking wading heavier foam increase or size that you need to pay attention to.

3, temperature test is the most intuitive, high and low temperatures can test the quality stand or fall of silica gel products

high temperature test, put ordinary silicone products in a temperature of 280 degrees to ten minutes, then remove such as silicone rubber products without any change, so the quality of the product trustworthy, thermal effect can be achieved, if out of the product, the phenomenon of the deformation of the latter are ageing even partial burning, so combined additive is the product of a certain problem.

low temperature test, put in a suitable low temperature environment. The samples in 2 - low temperature environment 5 minutes, feel soft and hard degree at selected temperatures. Such as - 40 degrees, as well as resistance to high temperature oil well than comparison, silicone products of high quality silica gel softness will be more softer.

4, combustion method

the most effective method is also the most can reflect true and false silica gel, the method of general and high grade silicone material after combustion and other rubber products, open up the white smoke, the product surface after burning will appear white mist phenomenon, white powder, after completely burned completely colorless, tasteless, and different material will appear yellow, impact and strong fire, burn rubber, with a black residue and so on.

5, color test:

silicone rubber products can be deployment of a variety of different color can be according to the pantone color number to allocate, so from a color simply don't see what's the difference between above plus more appearance after processing without any defects, but the main is stretching to see rebound will appear the phenomenon of white or light, if you have that material may belong to the ordinary material!

6, hand feel:

feel is very important, silica gel products both tensile, rebound, deformation and strength and toughness is very important, if achieve the above several basic performance is high quality material, general function for the high-end product and brand products such as: ( Brand website silicone protective case) And so on product is used more widely!

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