Trends in screen printing process of silicone rubber products in recent years

by:Cupidove     2020-09-21

screen printing process in the silicone products processing industry has long together, now in silicone rubber products industry has always been, or would you use to process some pretty appearance, then choose the screen printing processing occupies more than 50%, so the product a product screen printing work and effect can fully see the class belong to which kind of product which the inflow of consumers, and higher requirements for screen printing can pick up to what are the advantages?

the first silicone products appearance beautiful printing work affects the entire product, so the process is not important that is likely to be false, now China's silk screen processing method gradually mature from the hand of the most primitive factors and low quality screen development to the present machinery integrated automation, laser screen, printing ink research results to ascend, for screen printing process is flowing on the roads.

a screen printing product quality mainly depended on its screen is accurate, the ink is reasonable and the adjustment of the machine is very important, silicone rubber products factory screen development is a high precision production basic no problem, the color and ink requires artificial mixing yes attentive degree, the machine adjustment is need reasonable Angle with various positioning type printing problem is one of the key products, and high quality LOGO desirable appearance to the consumer with more heads, the quality of the printing ink nature cannot be missing!

and now want to find a high quality screen printing silicone products suppliers are few and far between, with screen printing technology gradually decreases in recent years, with the implementation of national policy, screen printing and injection is listed as a violation of green environmental protection work gradually, so a lot of silicone manufacturers have to cancel the printing process, and even more serious is that screen printing injection nearly two years completely belong to national key environmental protection supervision, but want to look for less!

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