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by:Cupidove     2020-09-20

when it comes to high transparent products is a lot of friends will think of 'glue' plastic, plastic material, when it comes to high transparent silicone material products is not exceptional also, and for making high transparent solid silicone products manufacturer, with PC, PE, the difficulty of the acrylic material for the production may be more difficult, because the plastic material is obtained by liquid solution precipitation and extrusion, but solid silica gel material is mixing in the machine after forming mold process there will be some complex problems, the transparent color for the products need to be aware of the main or the appearance of black spots problem is serious.

a lot of silica gel products factory all know, high brightness product in appearance is takes a lot of requirements, so for the appearance of the product surface needs to be clean and tidy, feel comfortable, color balance, transparent color products is the same or even higher, while in the process of production of rubber mixing and molding environment requires strict requirements, due to the transparent color in the mixed without adding any color glue so the inside of the rubber material could see at a glance, in after the completion of the vulcanization molding although there is no black appearance, but the product will be a little bit other substances to the center a friend see each consumption, so a lot of manufacturer for transparent color of the product often defective rate will be a little higher than others.

it is said that a good management system can earn most of the losses for the company, so for the environmental problems have to start from the management, has been for overseas buyers from outside this year with high transparency, food grade products, so for nature become the things we used to clean environmental protection, product defective rate and the FDA on environmental health to go beyond the control of others, so the summary sentence: can decide the silicone products quality of nature, in addition to the infrastructure. Technical professional outside often decisions in our own hands!

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