Trademark glue what are the common problems

by:Cupidove     2020-05-11

rubber trademark what are the common problems

in the market now, more and more new products into the silica gel of this emerging industry is also slowly flying off!

coating brand glue again will encounter many problems in use process, this kind of silica gel application is very extensive, have applied to silk screen printing, have applied to leather embossing, have applied to trademark LOGO.

in fact in our life, everywhere can see the shadow of the silica gel. Similar silicone products non-slip sole of a stocking and ankle coating, non-slip silicone sports gloves, non-slip underwear aglet coating etc.

with the rapid development of printing industry, printing silicone is widely used in all kinds of cloth

in different applications of silica gel has no requirements, including hardness, viscosity, adhesive performance, etc. , for now, silicone adhesive performance is very good, cotton, polyester, etc all can glue is firm,

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