Tpe and silica gel who do adult things better?

by:Cupidove     2020-05-16
Tpe and silica gel who do adult toys things better? Now s rapid advancement in the 21st century is the social development, people's work pressure and life pressure increase year by year, led to a lot of people being single for a long time or short single problem, or fertility problems. Many factories to see the broad prospects of adult supplies, but as an adult supplies what material will be better? So, who is the user experience will be better? TPE with silica gel has similar tactility and features, now on the market of thermoplastic elastomer TPE rubber soft material will take the place of the silicone products material, silicone products rubber, is a kind of thermosetting elastomers, TPE belongs to a kind of thermoplastic elastomer. First need to small make up to introduce is the difference between tpe and silica gel: 1, tpe is a variety of room temperature with rubber elasticity, high temperature can melt flow when the elastomer material. Silica gel is a kind of special rubber, after crosslinking with good mechanical strength, wear resistance and high temperature resistance, it belongs to thermoset rubber vulcanization heating again after not melting, burning temperature too high, the products of combustion for water and silicon dioxide. 2, they are based on the analysis of the structure is different: silica gel silica key connection of elastomer is the main chain, side chain is generally methyl classes, namely, CH3. TPE thermoplastic elastomer, with styrene, olefin, polyurethane, the molecular structure is the most important difference between main chain is a SI02 structure, one is the structure of the CC. 3, from the point of view of processing performance: silica gel need vulcanization thermoforming, TPE without vulcanization processing molding. molding difficult processing aspect, the TPE simple production and processing. 4, silica gel has advantages than TPE in terms of resistance to high temperature. heat-resistant generally between 200 ~ 300 degrees, and general TPE TPE theory high-temperature - 130 150 degrees Celsius, cracking before aging. 5, silica gel, the price is generally a tonne, more than 30000 pieces and general price of TPE in 1. 3 - Between 30000, TPE is more on the price advantage, in addition to the special TPE materials, such as halogen free flame retardant, food grade and so on characteristics. 6. From the cost, the silicone can't recycle of waste materials, TPE waste, shuikou expected, the leftover material and so on can be fully recycling utilization of TPE can save more cost. Tpe and silica gel who do adult things better? TPE is a new product in recent decades, there are many TPE in processing performance, recycling, such as cost price advantage, has the advantages of the silicone, without the disadvantage of silica gel, in the use of the TPE on the market is more and more widely, many manufacturers directly instead of silica gel has become the first choice material. Actually TPE in many industries and has a purpose, continue to focus on this website may know that you are welcome to contact us for business cooperation.
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