TPE and silica gel do aircraft cup who better?

by:Cupidove     2020-05-16
TPE and silica gel do aircraft cup who better? Silica gel and TPE in adult supplies everything this piece of production is more, they have both similarities and differences, this is the small make up will come to share. If you want to buy this product to rational analysis. Silica gel and the similarity of the TPE: has good biological compatibility, for human tissue, non-toxic, no allergic reaction, the body's rejection is few; Has good physical and chemical properties, contact with body fluids and tissues process can maintain its original elasticity and softness, not from degradation, is a fairly stable inert substance. In the cup material silicone: the advantages and disadvantages of processing and shaping silica gel is convenient, easy to shape, carving internal hole, can even direct water boil disinfection. The organic silicone products tolerated as high as 300 - degree heat, you can also use bleach disinfection directly. toys than rubber products more expensive, and more durable, and many medical devices are made by silica gel processing. molding cycle are the shortcomings of longer raw materials not recycled air jets from feel respect, silica gel products are good elasticity and tenacity, it is not easy to permanent deformation due to external force, and touch feel is smooth. From the silicone products are non-toxic tasteless colorless characteristics in terms of product quality well, harmless to human body, and generally counterfeit products difficult to achieve the effect of silicon. Aircraft cup with TPE material: the advantages and disadvantages of thermoplastic rubber has the similar physical properties of ordinary vulcanizates, but no cure, but with thermoplastic resin, use common plastic molding processing, temperature display rubber elasticity, when heated in the plasticity of polymer materials, products can be recycled and processing and do not break its basic performance. TPR hypersensitivity is very low, non-toxic; Inside the pores, less than Cyberskin than silica gel, belong to the environmental safety of products, can be used in tableware processing. Plain soap and warm water to clean, but it can't heat boil disinfection. supplies with soft TPE material SEBS as substrate, with environmental protection operation of oil as a modifier to adjust viscosity and hardness SEBS. supplies with due to the material is very soft, so the formula system is relatively simple. Soft materials TPE is environmental protection, the composition of SEBS and operating oil contains no plasticizer, can pass phthalate 16 p, nonyl phenol (NP, PAHS PAHS test. The hardness of TPE can adjust than silica gel is soft, is an ideal raw material to production men with adult supplies. Because of the operation of oil, and some formula of TPE adult supplies can be a bit sticky feeling, also can have certain smell, smooth powder is added in the process of production and processing as well as the essence, can be improved. Add a group of green color reagent, can adjust the impression of adult toys supplies materials. TPE and silica gel do aircraft cup who better? Small make up respectively analyzes the TPE and silica gel, summarize the disadvantages of silica gel is apparent, not recycled high cost of long production period and at the same time. The TPE is perfect make up the shortcoming of the silicone products, can be recycled, short production cycle. But also can do the simulation effect is better! So small make up recommend manufacturer aircraft cup and friend and buy aircraft cup, must choose TPE material products. Such as plastic king TPE focus for 15 years in China, advanced technology must be to your satisfaction.
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