To understand the performance of high temperature vulcanization silicone rubber sealing strip edge!

by:Cupidove     2020-09-13
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I don't know whether there is interest in high temperature vulcanization silicone rubber sealing strip product inductive, it was similar to the type and epdm rubber are similar in nitrile butadiene rubber, and a variety of raw material is qualitative, the purpose is to let a person see is it can have a variety of different material properties and advantages, even into the category of rubber products, but they have different performance and distinction, and for the layman is to distinguish between them is a problem, to understand understand silicone rubber products sealing strip together!

EPDM seals are mostly black, gray, occasionally very dull. And the color of the silica gel products are more, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, very rich, of course, there is black and white and dichromatic, what color you want, it can change color.

is not the same as the heat resistant to cold; The scope of EPDM and heat-resistant support dead soon - 40℃- 150 ℃, and high temperature vulcanization silicone rubber in the weakest ability - 60℃- 250 ℃, let alone the cow force adjustable silicone rubber of high temperature resistant adhesive and so on.

is not the same as the weather resistance; Because itself is not the same as the material, high temperature vulcanization silicone rubber sealing strip silica key carbon-carbon bonds than EPDM has more advantages in terms of weather resistance. Can't this is silicone material itself genetic advantage.

the compressive capacity is not the same; In use process of silicone rubber sealing strip has good elasticity, again big pressure on us, we can restore the deformation back, on the resilient that a variety of other rubber material is not on a par.

biological compatibility is not the same; Silicone rubber products with human friends stronger affinity, get along with more friendly, so silicone rubber has the performance of environmental protection green said wider application fields, like medical equipment, food and other fields have their figure, this is only for rubber silicone material to do.

article silicone rubber sealing tube sealing material is composed of 110 rubber through dense refining, this was a skeleton part of the construction of silicone rubber sealing strip, most of the properties and advantages are benefited from it. Probably in 400000 - its molecular weight Between 600000, contain lots of methyl and a small amount of vinyl functional group, the other white carbon black as the main raw rubber filler and 101 together in the proper composition hydroxyl silicone oil was added to a silica gel products of raw materials and materials after high temperature vulcanization and sealing process of a

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