To promote male human ability what operation is one form of sport?

by:Cupidove     2020-03-21
To promote male human ability what operation is one form of sport? Time: 2019 10 - 17 source: author: reading quantity: 1, one form movement principles? In fact, one form movement by means of the PC muscle, to improve the ability of men in the bedroom. PC muscle is also called pubic began to PC muscles in the rear of the body, to be exact muscle groups. From the body in front of erection, and hold your urine, it is controlled by PC, so the muscles strong, nature can make it easier, male erectile hardness is higher. 2, make anus movement can control the ejaculation? As everybody knows, the PC muscle can control man's erection activities when the activity, so it direct effect is to be able to let a man tintin erectile carried higher, at the same time it can hold your urine, and all men know, suppress the feeling of ejaculation and suppress the feeling of urine is similar, when a man can suppress the ejaculation, time nature is promoted. Strong PC muscle can make erectile more simple, better hardness, and can help improve the ejaculation time. And the PC muscle exercise is a good method is one form. So through the anus movement, nature can control a man's time. Find the PC muscle: first halfway suddenly hold your urine, the muscle is. If a full bladder is difficult, the PC muscle is very weak. Find the PC muscle, can exercise: first contraction for 3 seconds, then relax for 3 seconds, so repeatedly, beginning to do a 3, 5 minutes a day. Then slowly over time shrinkage relaxation 5 seconds after 5 seconds, slowly ascend to shrinkage relaxation after 10 seconds to 10 seconds, at the same time combined with breathing exercises, shrinkage when inhaling deeply and exhale relaxation, can feel relaxed and nerves. Keep every day 5 & ndash; — 10 minutes for a month, will feel their own progress. Can exercise the muscles at any time, especially the boring time of waiting for the bus, subway, meetings, etc, but note that someone might be in the process of exercise the muscles erection, so pay attention to keep out, don't practising the public under the practice of erection. At the same time also need to note that exercise PC muscles and other parts of the muscle, also need to rule of the training, so training on time, on time every day than irregular exercise, improve to better.
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