To carry forward the Chinese traditional culture

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Cupidove group - — To carry forward the Chinese traditional culture education series

- — Happy, happy, healthy and harmonious life lecture

education good boy is the priority for a mother, to put it on the important position.

【 Education curriculum origin, harvest 】

the couple quarrel, old woman daughter-in-law contradiction, period of disagreement, mother and child, siblings, children don't obey the phenomenon of increasing, these problems not only affect our family harmony, at the same time will affect our health and family, and the stable development of the enterprise. Generation of sages Wang Fengyi old man said. 'the girl is the origin of the world, is to put this, the source of qing. Good girl, family, social ability is good, the world can be well '. Mr Wang in the early years of the republic of China in the late qing dynasty, founded the theory of 'family ethics', he spoke very clearly 'girl a girl, daughter-in-law have a daughter-in-law, old lady there, son has a son, her husband with her husband, the old man is old man. This is both a humanitarian, is also the law of nature.

this course by traditional Chinese Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism culture as the background, deeply analyze the current confusion of life, family, marriage, children, health problems, such as the key, with sharp Angle and case analysis, pointing to confusion of modern family problems, marital problems, parent-child education problems, health problems and the key of wealth and the deep reasons, to uncover the family happy life now way of business, the path to the word of the husband and wife, children and the way of physical and mental health, help us find life, career, family, roles, correct positioning, a stand, study experience, case interaction, problem solving, immediate. Looking for the core of the problem, one pace reachs the designated position.

Wang Fengyi gentleman founded the wisdom of 'family ethics' will help you to see the inner world and outer world of operating rules, help you into a leader from the effects of the fate, let you really understand how will you control your destiny, how to get happiness, happy, healthy and harmonious family life.

{ This class of wisdom to share guide} Used to help us on the road and a lot of friends around me a major turning point! If you are ready to take control of your own destiny, maybe this will be your turning point!

wan shan was studied under the teacher like broke in the eternal night light, like the lighthouse in sailing the sea fog, like a wisp of oasis in the desert, like a kind mother, the father of majesty, own any little progress is inseparable from the teacher's help and instruction!

in any combination, flexible person can affect the overall situation, flexible also is a sign of confidence. Confidence is insufficient, keep the attitude of a pattern will be more tough. Allow different opinions and possibility, it is flexible. In communication, understand not accept, do not represent surrender ( Give up the position) 。

what we call a 'change' in the past, not talking about you change any physical fact, but you are using a different interpretation or ideas to cover them. By changing you specific events of the past, however, the content of the perceived, in a sense you changed the event for yourself. By the interaction between the past and present, has been a spiritual alchemy.

to carry forward the Chinese traditional culture, purifying the hearts of heaven and earth, let us to love and constant force, impress the cosmic nature of tolerance and understanding!

inheritance of Chinese traditional culture, make the family, take care of their health, and help them to everyone.

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