Times change, silicone buttons are still outstanding

by:Cupidove     2020-09-01

in the sofa hand, lying down watching TV show, imaginative thinking of remote control buttons, I think a lot of friends have similar question, is there a hazard to control panel button? What is the material made of? And with the popularity of silica gel products rising, now we didn't know the made of non-toxic silica gel, so the question again. Why he will use a silicone products to make it? Problem has a solution, for the silicone buttons is not exceptional also, the following are the introduction of the advantages of using silicone buttons?

with the passage of time the changes of The Times, the silicone buttons to be eliminated from the mobile phone, among many of the products to be eliminated, when we don't really know it, but it has to go quietly! But the key update along with the science and technology also in constant change, nowadays there are still a lot of remote control stick with silica gel. Touching the screen between the market at present, virtual buttons, glass buttons. Pervious to light buttons and so on can be implemented beyond the edge of the silicone buttons, but in the electric market, still belongs to a kind of accessory remote control buttons, don't want to experience our mobile phones can realize entity, so on the keys to achieve the science and technology developed but manufacturers also choose silicone buttons for written reduce cost, so choose the silicone material to achieve the highest cost performance.

in product quality and silicone material choice, first of all, the silicone material performance is outstanding, on the button to get a good softness, there will be no finger ache, and silicone buttons silicone products manufacturer with high quality materials production, resilience can good toughness degree is strong, so using a five or six years is no problem, electronic products, this belongs to the high consumer goods, a television appliances may be need a few years time, the most standard, buttons also won't appear the phenomenon of broken, first on durable and practical requirement is higher! So it is concluded that the silicone can summarize the key, stable performance, simple and practical structure, stable performance, low maintenance rate and so on. Advantages and disadvantages of several common can be reference for buttons, P + R buttons: materials, the assembly cost is high, the structure, the craft is complex, the durability of unstable! Membrane buttons: operation feedback feeling weak, blind by the easy wrong operation, the high cost! Silicone buttons: a whole shape, material, assembly of low cost, good durability. 。 。

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