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by:Cupidove     2020-08-26

2017 innovative products are not as intelligent products, mobile phones, tablet computer's widespread popularization and use, more and more industry is constantly updated products, and silicone cases except official quality goods market for mobile phones, tablet computers and other electronic product of form a complete set of product as a promotional gift or silica gel products, at present is very common in foreign countries, the growing demand for tablet case and mobile phone cases, and many well-known brands to promotional gift from PU, leather and other materials into the silicone material.

so it proved a phenomenon, silica gel protective sleeve is gradually in more than other materials, so for a lot of silicone products manufacturer, is also a good development, case series products in the market demand, the greater the so need to meet the market demand for consumer to use better products, and from the quality and the transformation of the cosmetic requirements above will need more, let series problems perfectly, make the product more perfect, without any defect.

and on the market a lot of silicone products manufacturer for electronic parts and protected accessories products details have some shortcomings, let the imperfection of the products, so as a specialized manufacturer of silica gel protective sleeve after years of case study of production experience some questions point, let the case to be more perfect, structure more perfect!

product migration, the whole structure size is too big, capacity is too tight, the mold above first begin, good income proportion of silica gel, silica gel and calculation probability of free deformation, second vulcanization temperature control, with the most appropriate time to die.

temperature and curing time control, all know that in solid molded silicone industry, silicon rubber vulcanization process of vulcanization time control, can affect a product's hard softness and structural, so for the time of control need to be in normal time, can high nor too low, vulcanizing temperature determines the finished product is good or bad, bad product phenomenon most is because of the control of temperature and time control of the mold, so the molding temperature adjustment when combined with product out of time to adjust.

product facial handle and smoothness requires in the mold increase above, keep the surface of the mold with fine grinding plane tolerance in + 0. 03 within not is a very difficult thing, feel degree requires fuel injection process, meticulous sex of fuel injection, automatic spraying machine injection can enhance the oil thickness of products.

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