Throughout the cell phone sets for world famous mobile phone sales rankings

by:Cupidove     2020-09-24

today, see such a story - — As a famous Swedish Krusell company cell phone sets manufacturers the statistics of the world's top 10 April 2013 popular mobile phone. Statistical approaches that although there is a certain bias, but as a result of its mobile phone sets of best-selling 6 continents over 70 countries, so to some extent, can reflect the current the mobile phone is the status of the sell like hot cakes. Statistical results unexpected surprise many mobile phone users.

in the statistics of the world's top ten best-selling handset, have 3 is SONY Ericsson, 3 is samsung, 2 is HTC, the final two natural is the iphone 4 s mobile phones and the iphone 5. Perhaps apple iphone in the top ten best-selling handset, is all mobile phone users take for granted, but, you absolutely can't imagine that apple iphone nature is not the most popular mobile phone. And, in front of the apple and samsung, SONY Ericsson, samsung into second place, while SONY Xperia ranked first. See the result, I believe many people's first reaction is that this report for samsung or SONY Xperia advertising, I think so. First, this way of statistics itself exists question and statistical time does not mean that the mobile phone market is obvious dynamic; Second, the network news is not fully imagined. However, dongguan production manufacturers, the main mobile phone sets of products is apple and samsung, apple and samsung, and we hope to see the end of the selling. We hope in the future, more high quality mobile phone to get the vast majority of consumer recognition, so we are silicone products factory will be for the majority of mobile phone users to provide more fashionable, practical, beautiful phone sets.

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