The welfare of the female friends, silica gel daily necessities

by:Cupidove     2020-08-30

look for everyone female friends have to do is to go out every day, want to have a beautiful side of the must have good skills, but with superb skills are not good auxiliary tool is not enough, the ancients said: 'to do a good job, must first sharpen his' so want to do one thing, so the preparation is also very important thing, for make-up, not a good eyeliner tool as a preliminary stage that can't show the perfect side, our common eyeliner is common, all is to use brush, sponge, fibers, etc. , in recent period of time, however, think that foreign friends to eye pencil design a new product, made of silicone products for ladies provides a better makeup tools.

usually we are using common makeup sponge of the majority, but the sponge on makeup effect is not so good, but also not environmental protection, after using a few times, it is not so good. In the silicone products manufacturer small make up to know, this kind of silicone products are mainly for women make up use, solve the problem of the two eyeshadow and eyeliner, both double use, environmental protection, make a lot of women friends feel very practical. And traditional eyeliner brush by comparison, the traditional eye shadow brush is used in a variety of senior fur production, including fiber. Nylon and so on, not just on price above have some lack of experience, and silica gel eye shadow brush to solve these problems, don't want to in the process of using brush to clean up, simple and convenient, brush inside has all kinds of powder is difficult to clean up after use, wash with water after will let it become aging, and silica gel is simply with a clean cloth or wet towel wipes can be convenient,

the material is the key to it, on the shape looks like a sponge, in fact it is silica gel after high temperature vulcanization, or by injection molding, silicon avirulent insipidity, above the performance has been nearly far beyond the function of the brush, not to mention the cost performance, silica gel cosmetics on appearance of all sorts of color can production, various colors you choose, now in a foreign country is very popular product, in the domestic market also gradually started to use, is absolutely benefit everyone female compatriot a makeup tools.

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