The use of the foaming silicone liquid silicone foam materials

by:Cupidove     2020-05-12

the use of the foaming silicone foam material liquid silicone

almost looking for foam silicone more and more, but a lot of people don't understand the performance of foaming silicone and using methods, application fields, here you can introduce you to liquid silicone foam, foaming silicone can be, also can use solid glue, by contrast, liquid foam is better. Solid foam hard, flexibility is poor. Springback is not good, and the liquid silicone products foam evenly, multiples can be in 2 - Eight times, light quality, good elasticity, no taste, environmental non-toxic tear tensile resistance, so now is very popular with the market.

so what application field, I give a few examples, filling, have entity doll filling, the cushion filling, etc. , and mattress, high iron chair cushion, increased insoles cushion, pillow, etc. , these are the use of permeability is good, the effect of flame retardant.

the following the way of how to use the foam silicone, use method is very simple, foaming silicone foam raw materials is a two-component liquid silicone products, according to the proportion of 1:1 mixing, stirring evenly, about 60 seconds, it can be used into the mold, operation time is adjustable, 5 - Can do 30 minutes, a friend in need can contact me

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