The use of food-grade pacifier silica gel method

by:Cupidove     2020-04-25
Method of use:

food-grade pacifier silicone products

1, mix: A component ( The base glue) And the B component ( Curing agent) According to the weight ratio of 10:1 or 1:1 mixed, mixed can manually or using equipment.

2, deaeration: after mixing the rubber should be deaeration before filling mould. When a small amount of use can be carried out within the vacuum dryer, under vacuum, the volume of rubber foam can increase 4 ~ 5 times, therefore, deaeration container volume should be 4 ~ 5 times larger than the volume of rubber, colloid product back to normal in a few minutes, when the surface without air bubbles escape ( About 10 minutes) Deaeration process is completed.

3, surface treatment, rubber mold surface or need to contact the potting materials available on the surface of liquid paraffin as a release agent, etc.

4, sulfide and demoulding: after mixing deaeration rubber in 120 + 5 ℃ drying curing 30 minutes, 60 ~ 70 ℃ drying curing 2 ~ 3 hours, at room temperature curing time is 24 hours, curing temperature and time according to the process conditions.

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