The use of field of silicone rubber products industry Do you know

by:Cupidove     2020-09-27

might think about a lot of time with rubber to replace other material accessories when it because a certain properties of rubber could not meet but ignore other gummed paper material, such as silicone rubber, silicone rubber now has become a kind of rubber industry is short of species, it varies among different industries involved, so this shows its role and advantage to achieve what level, and its role in different industries is growing rapidly, its application fields did you have to understand!

auto industry:

the silicone products application in automobile industry are growing fast, silica gel, Especially with various properties of the silicone seal) The erosion of fuel oil, lubricating oil, improve the use performance of auto parts, reduce the maintenance cost. Can be used for automobile ignition line, a spark plug cover, heating and radiator with silicone hose, muffler, battery connector and the lining with fluorine silicone system pumps, etc. With the development of vehicle electronic electrification, room temperature curing silicone is widely used in electronic components, electrical assembly potting glue, windshield, around the body sealing and mirror the place such as adhesive sealant.

electrical and electronic industry:

electronics, electrical industry is silica gel used as insulating material at the earliest, demand for the larger one. Silica gel products are mainly used for television anode bag, shielding, high pressure lead wires, refrigerator defrost, power or signal transmission wire and cable, etc. Made of silicone insulator will replace ceramic products are widely used in transmission lines, especially ehv lines. Conductive silicone electronic computer, telephone and other instruments used for the electric contact and contact liquid crystal display (LCD). Flame retardant and radiation resistant silicone manufacturing wire, cable is widely used in nuclear power station. Silicone heating tablets, tropical is used to control a variety of precision instrument and the working temperature of the pipeline, on health care as a physical therapy heat for heating blanket. Room temperature type of silica gel can be used as waterproof, moistureproof and shockproof with potting material.

silica gel for thermal washing liquid performance, has been widely used in the dishwasher and washing machine for pump seal. Silicone rubber is very suitable for used as a coffee pot, electric fryer and steam iron utensils on the washer. Stereo headset ear and head pad using silica gel, can eliminate external noise, and soft and comfortable.

aerospace industry:

silicone rubber material is an indispensable high-performance materials in aerospace industry, it can withstand the space of the super hot, cold and returned to the atmosphere of prolong the life of aircraft parts, reduce the maintenance cost, reduce the accident. Mainly used for aircraft body cavity seal, electrical connectors, seals switch, dustproof and waterproof cap, gasket gasket, jet engines, and 'O' type sealing ring of hydraulic equipment, oxygen mask, regulating the diaphragm, the hot air duct and radar wireless shock absorber, etc. Burning resistant silicone applies to make rocket fuel valve, power supply cable and rocket coating cover, to avoid burning by rocket jet flow. Room temperature curing silicone rubber can be used as the body tight seal, window frames and shockproof, moisture-proof potting material.

construction industry:

organic silicone products with good weatherability and construction, as the adhesive sealant has been widely applied in the building industry, more than the other types of sealant. In recent years, and developed a low modulus and high elongation type two-component sealant, which is used to seam mobile concrete casting and curtain wall and other large components. Room temperature curing silicone is also used to asbestos cement brick seam joint sealing, bathroom and sponge sealing. As the rubber prices drop, will further expand the application range, such as in the application of highway joint replacement asphalt and neoprene. High temperature type of silicone sponge strip used for building doors and Windows sealing strip.

medical field

medical grade silicone products with good biocompatibility, reacting to the body is small, stable performance, low blood clotting, able to bear high temperature and high pressure cooking for many times, and can be processed into various shapes of products, such as film, sponge, airbag, is currently the most widely application on medicine one kind of material, silicone rubber products manufacturers of materials now most's transformation to the medical field, the industry standard specification for promotion, most of consumers prefer to choose to use the medical grade silicon rubber materials as auxiliary material products.

other areas

in addition to the above applications, silica gel products in the textile, printing, machinery, plastics, chemical, paper making and food and makeup also increased significantly in the areas of application. Typical products are made from silica gel roller, used as fabric, plastic heat styling, embossing, rolling and fixing of the duplicator. Made of silicone membrane gas window has been used to store fruits and vegetables. In addition, the silica gel in the textile equipment high temperature as well as in alkali, sodium hypochlorite and hydrogen peroxide concentration higher device for sealing materials have also made good effect.

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