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by:Cupidove     2020-05-10
Stainless steel bottle features: 1. Durable stainless steel has been recognized as a versatile and durable materials. Because the stainless steel is an alloy material, the inert metal material corrosion, not only and will not break, also won't because of heat and cold and produce change, at least 8 - a stainless steel bottles life cycle For 10 years. 2. Antibacterial cleaning stainless steel from iron, chrome, pure natural elements, such as nitrogen, nickel has natural antibacterial properties, and high temperature treatment and cleaning are safe and convenient, so the operation equipment, dental instruments, food containers, and other fields has also been widely used, do not contain any harmful chemicals. The wear resistance of the stainless steel also means food or bacteria will be nowhere to hide, even use a dishwasher mechanical cleaning will not cause any damage. Stainless steel bottle trade can also use dishwasher to clean. 3. Easy temperature control heat conduction performance is good, the stainless steel heating speed, easy to control the temperature of the liquid in the bottle. Stainless steel bottle inside and outside temperature, to avoid the damage due to liquid cream too hot baby. 4. Portable stainless steel bottles texture light, easy to grasp, easy to carry. 5. Not easily broken hard not easy and broken, stainless steel than the material such as glass, ceramic is more suitable for 1 - 3 years old children hold drinking. 6. Safe non-toxic stainless steel in surgical equipment, dental instruments, food containers, and other fields has been widely used, does not contain any harmful chemical substances. Stainless steel bottle does not contain harmful ingredients such as BPA. 7. Economical stainless steel is an alloy of metal, economical and practical. Stainless steel bottles suitable for ordinary families. 8. Green environmental protection stainless steel is a kind of 100% recyclable material, green environmental protection. bottle features: 1, non-toxic, does not contain bisphenol A soft, do not contain harmful substances, the bottle is soft, fall is not broken, don't touch the baby's teeth and oral mucosa injury, like mother's skin, breast feels dye-in-the-wood, baby can soothe emotions; Bottle of bottle and pacifier is the same material of food grade silicone rubber, high security; 2, prevent bloating, prevent choking grandma mouth with the inlet valve, equipped with air inlet pipe, make the bottle to keep the pressure balance inside and outside, baby milk more fluid absorption, effectively prevent choking milk and belly up; 3, and breast milk are the bottle is very soft, like a mother's breast, baby love; Human body engineering design, relaxed, natural. High and low temperature resistance, economic and durable silicone (4 - - - - - - 50℃200℃) , high temperature sterilizing thoroughly, ageing resistance, no deformation; Water, steam and other disinfection, are available; The bottle can be use for a long time, need to replace the pacifier. 5, milk production for the first time mom, postpartum days without milk, newborn babies began to not know pumping, you can use this bottle of milk to feed the baby and when the baby taste the flavor of milk, started pumping. When the baby drink juice, can squeeze in advance for your baby taste, baby more happy; Glass bottle transparency, acidic or alkaline substances will not release harmful material, should be used to born baby. Plastic bottles can be divided into PP material bottle, PPSU material bottle, PES material bottles, silicone products material bottles, PC material bottle ( The world has banned the use) 。 PP bottles: also known as polypropylene, PP and resistance to fall off, easy to clean, safe does not contain bisphenol A, materials are widely used in the bottle, tableware. PPSU bottles: also known as polystyrene sulfone, PPSU into light golden color, the maternal and infant supplies new material is safe, non-toxic does not contain carcinogenic substance bisphenol A, resistance to high temperature of 180 ℃, can withstand repeated high temperature disinfection, chemistry stability is good. Both the safety of the glass connect fully, PC's light resistance, etc. PES bottles: PES is also known as polyether sulfone, colorless, transparent, light resistance to fall off, easy to clean, safe does not contain bpa. Silica gel bottles: more materials used in making the pacifier, non-toxic, does not contain bisphenol A, do not contain harmful substances; Soft, dozen don't break, economy is durable. Now began to make bottle bottle, high temperature resistant, resistant to aging. PC material bottle: also known as polycarbonate, high transparency, widely used in the manufacture of bottle materials but the component of baby bottles containing bisphenol A, the European Union believe that bisphenol A can precipitate when heated to food and drink, it may disrupt the human metabolic process, have an impact on infant development, immunity, and even cancer. The European Union announced that starting from March 1, 2011, it is prohibited to produce plastic baby bottles containing bisphenol A, June is forbidden for any bisphenol A plastic bottle imported to member states. China's ministry of health in 2011 15th announcement, announcement of specified since June 1, 2011, banning the production of polycarbonate baby bottles and other baby bottles containing bpa. Since September 1, 2011, prohibit the import and sale of polycarbonate baby bottles and other baby bottles containing bpa. Silver ions material bottle: strong antibacterial function, material security, and resistance to fall off, easy to clean, easy to disinfect, security does not contain bisphenol A, easy to use.
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