The soft skin how soft silicone is more soft

by:Cupidove     2020-05-07

soft skin in the application field is very broad, on the market at present is mainly used in the human body, health care. Medical AIDS, for example, the skin puncture practice, medical human body model, there are also some shoulder pads, breast implants, breast, entity dolls, etc. , its characteristic is soft, how much more soft soft, and feel good, at present, many breast are on the market, with silicon gel coated a layer of protective film, protective, but disadvantages clearly, one of, maybe, although soft, a layer of plastic film, but there are not enough real, secondly, easy broken, can't make an effort to grasp, membrane rupture, do not have tear tensile resistance, silica gel and the soft silicone products first of all, I say tearing tensile performance is really good, not easy tear, also need not stick protective film, feel is good,

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