The silicone tableware - The silicone spoon appear black spots impurities cause analysis and improvement

by:Cupidove     2020-09-01

the silicone products in the production process of unhealthy phenomenon is common, but the technology is the basic to the requirement of the product can be got rid of the scene, but of high quality in the production of high quality silica gel products easy to appear black spots impurities phenomenon has become a lot of engineering master, and the machine head of distress, for the product dirty phenomenon belongs to the birth control problem, so need to show individual corresponding solution, but for individual requirements and improving methods, can add to rectification of appearance of unhealthy phenomenon, mainly deal with adhere to the product surface and the black spots inside the product the appearance of the phenomenon, so for the production of high transparency silicone spoon production process need to pay attention to some details!

raw materials lead to bad, in the cause of the black spots appeared in the process of production from raw material of black spots impurities occupy 20% of the total defective rate, so need to carefully before mixing rubber for testing to see if the product is black spots impurities. Second look back too much secondary rubber lead to black spots, general long stored mixing rubber vulcanizing agent failure need new turn after adding curing agent, so in the process of rubber mixing from hands and vulcanizing agent and air pollution phenomenon cause molding rubber vulcanization of products are black spots impurities, so for raw materials need to pay attention to a few black spots control requirements, operators of rubber mixing hands, contact with the rubber tool, rubber cutting tools found in the process and the clean indoor environment!

molding operation causes: in the production process of the machine may appear when the exhaust of the exhaust stroke is too big suction black spots impurities, so in the machine peripheral environment and indoor environment must be strictly controlled, the mold have too much clutter also don't pay attention to the above new on-line mould, the phenomenon of the clutter is more, general silicone products processing factory will die first so to sandblast or spray teflon in the washing mode can keep the mold clean solve key spots in bad, in the process of pounds of material need to pay attention to clean hands, the work surface and the surrounding may appear black spots caused by impurities of cleaning, man-made phenomena are important factors appear the phenomenon of bad appearance, so because when its finishing and clean up, to form a good habit of operation to prevent unhealthy phenomenon appearance black spots!

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