The silicone strap will break! How to maintain the silicone watch is the best!

by:Cupidove     2020-09-09

we all know that the silicone material is because there are soft and elastic characteristics is being developed to be our all kinds of silicone products, silicone accessories and so on! Silica gel belt watch this stuff is because there is a certain scale, widely softness. However, durability can make consumers doubt and speculation, with durable silicone watch? Band the fracture phenomenon become consumers worry about a thing, so how do you see a strap with potential fracture phenomenon?

in general silicone band factors of fracture is mainly due to the material of product is soft and easy to tear, if products with cracks or small gaps are likely to be the cause of it appear rupture, softness is important, other products currently in dongguan silicone factory production of silicone band will appear this kind of phenomenon, the product of the vulcanization time beyond a reasonable time, after the mold due to place under the environment of high temperature long appear too brittle phenomenon, this leads to a lot of silicone strap when artificial fold fracture phenomenon!

product flash led to the forefront of fracture, this situation is mainly because the mold line is not handle, since the split burrs appears slip-adjusting, separation of the weight of the raw material is too large to flash too thick when trimming peripheral products appear very small root fracture, and fracture phenomenon in a long and tortuous cases! Product design is not reasonable cause fracture structure, tensile strength is not enough, the raw material of the recovery is not strong more brittle which is one of the main reasons!

so many cases custom silicone band, you need to understand the phenomenon of product is whether the stitches come out since the sawtooth, if there are products in combination with high hardness and the curing time is not reasonable, and not enough raw materials performance and mold the demolition side can not meet the requirements, tend to be more prone to breaking factors! While the choose and buy a silicone strap need to be consider from various aspects, hardness, mold, raw materials, production and processing time, the right measure of product factors and so on!

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