The silicone spoon should be how to choose, the brand which is better

by:Cupidove     2020-09-13

lives eating tools, the spoon is inevitably a kind of kitchen utensils and appliances, now more common spoon main material is stainless steel and wood and plastic, etc. , in addition also has the silicone material that many consumer choose to use, silica gel belongs to one of the more popular material, it is used to make the spoon used for children's tableware majority, also in the midst of household is not exceptional also, then you should buy a high-quality silicone spoon, its brand is that good!

choose a good premise is to choose a high quality silica gel silica gel products processing plants, silica gel belong to the soft environmental protection tableware, acting on the main factors of the spoon is safe environmental protection, so natural and important to the requirement of material, ordinary silica gel and the gas phase silicone have different degree of breakdown, and breakdown of different lead to stretch and rebound and the characteristics of the various aspects of material is different, the silicone spoon must belong to the lowest security environmental protection in the aspect of material need to be food grade, so for the material aspects of using pure gas phase gel is the most basic choice.

technology choice, because the different structure and processing technology of silicone spoons, have pure silicone material, silica gel bags hardware and silica gel bags nylon plastic to improve the support dynamics, choice for this field, to see where you need to use, such as just an infant silicone spoons that can choose pure silica gel material, such as for cooking suggest choose use hardware plastic bags have stronger efforts, such as just served us rice, then suggest using nylon bag silicone spoon.

choose silicone spoon quality evaluation, the mainest is it and the quality of the silica gel tableware mainly comes from the silicone manufacturers all aspects of process, such as mold production whether can achieve the best effect, whether the parting line and surface can reach the finest, raw materials, mixing time is stable color adhesive and curing agent is mixed evenly, poor control in the process of solidification and the operating mode is correct, if you can meet quality requirements of the finished product and so on,

followed by the choice of the brand, the silicone spoon belongs to the maternal and child supplies material, the silica gel maternal and infant industry shop is very much, such as love, love the infant island, 'Mr Tree, love baby room, baby know island and so on are relatively well-known brands, and most of the OEM brands are belong to, so the most important still is to choose the silicone spoon suppliers will be able to supply high quality security products.

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