The silicone seal products why can appear the symptom of aging

by:Cupidove     2020-09-17

in living in a lot of products appear a little small problems but let a person very headache, such as a lot of seal products and so on, a lot of time in the life of sealing ring used in aging failure and silicone accessories have appeared, the service life of the affected, more common joint sealing and pipe sealing ring, etc. , a small seal parts done bad influence to the use of a whole, so for the silicone seal when the choose and buy is more important, otherwise will seriously affect the entire product.

for the silicone seal products in life can be seen everywhere, such as water pipes, water dispensers, switch on the gate valve and so on, so its adhesiveness and tightness is very important, when it comes to the quality problem is main or ageing and life make it received the serious influence, so in addition to the use of various environmental conditions, choice of material standards is very important, of course in the silicone products factory production process is necessarily important, than the qualified silicone seal main can distinguish it from the points of the quality problem!

first whether qualified raw materials, the second in mixing collagen material add vulcanizing agent is qualified, but the main reason for the silicone products affected by aging is caused by raw material, such as by light, heat, oxygen, liquid, and so on can impact on the environment from which to find the reason. The cause of the second vulcanization process, the dimensional deviation! If the sealing is not quite close together, can from product size for above reasons, how much is the mould size tolerance range. Bear compressive strength is too small, active motility seal products for a long time, can from curing temperature and time on looking for the reason, in a regular time and temperature to achieve product hard softness effects.

after concluded, remove the products of normal use, to remove the influence of environment and the quality of the product itself, can look for trouble spots from different reasons, including the main cause of ageing symptoms or production and processing, and use caused by excessive fatigue.

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