The silicone ring manufacturer how to extend the service life of sealing ring

by:Cupidove     2020-09-28

the length of the service life of the sealing ring is the factor of customer priority, so manufacturers in the production of silica gel circle how to improve the quality of the products, make the silicone sealing ring can be used in harsh environments more long time?

in fact, there are many reasons influence the service life of the silica gel seal, but the silicone seal in the sealing process will often affected by several common phenomenon.

general silicone seal force and permanent compression can be directly or indirectly affect the service life of the silica gel seal, affected by the shape of the main body, in a flat, concave and convex, groove etc. Various kinds of installation, the installation of different heart migration will cause uneven force force, thus the phenomenon of a heavy and light, in the long-term backlog of cases, easy to cause compression permanent deformation, when unload the silicone seal again, may already appear deformation phenomenon, so when installation should control the unification of the balance and stress level.

crack problem can be divided into a number of factors, one is the material of glue problem, many silicone materials will appear back stretch for formula reasons, lack of tension caused in use process due to the small cracks and leakage phenomenon. Second, the silica gel circle problems appeared in the process of machining manufacturer: products caused brittle edge thinner kind of silica gel products appear this problem, the product do inside the drum are not ripe soft lead to a phenomenon that a long period of time after the tension and compression deformation gap problem.

the hard and soft effect, most of the time difference of soft silicone rubber products is can change the structure and function of the product, so the silicone seal in use process due to the choice of different hardness, when it appeared the phenomenon such as stress, stretching, squeezing, silicone seal can appear inevitable problems, such as a gap, force is too large, such as high hardness, product deformation is not easy to recover.

so the service life of the silica gel seal exactly how long, is need through a variety of detection means to learn, but we know that what reason causes the silicone seal of shorter service life and can prevent as much as possible, so as to improve the service life of the silicone seal.

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