The silicone products, silicone rubber products - the secret of waste Do you want to know

by:Cupidove     2020-08-23
Silicone rubber products production and processing looks be like simple, but in view of the poor in the production of the product for some rework process or need certain skills and experience to handle, is like a defective processing method, silica gel products polishing processing hard by many customers become a trouble spots, especially for the exterior parts, as consumers may not be you want to buy a product at a glance can see flaws, so for processing techniques, small make up or is there some experience!

want to waste silicone products, it's not that simple, polishing processing need to distinguish between a few skills, can grasp the roughness of the bad product!

1, the product can be which kind of product can't polishing

2, products need how molded to look

3, the product's overall appearance after polishing

1, the number of products is the need for overall structure effect, and may lead to local deformation products after grinding, the product can not meet the requirements, such as some decoration sealing, dustproof, decorative products, is the other party is the need to see products belong to what kind of bad to burnish, generally is stained with black spots impurities, if feel the black spots impurities are deep, so suggest is not wasted, can play is the key!

2, this is quite important, it is the common product of rubber can be divided into and creamy inverse, specific need to carefully to see it is toward the side face, so in products is the need to distinguish and creamy inverse, polishing by shun square to the whole facial maintain uniform grinding to keep products, if you feel polished surface is flash processes, then you may be opposite, it is important to note, this phenomenon is especially color is more obvious, product more visible things!

3, the overall appearance is very important, it is said that a rat feces and a pot of soup, used to describe the silicone products in perfect, product appearance has a black spots are likely to affect the overall sales, so need to keep the overall effect of the face when grinding, black spots after eliminating outside the black spots will be about 5 mm mill, maintain symmetry, product ground place will not show more highlights.

the above for the silicone products manufacturer to burnish the tip a little, but for the quality of the products or cleaning consolidation, keep good environment of workshop, the machine and operating person's health, polished product won't appear natural, keep good product can obtain the customer approval!

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