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by:Cupidove     2020-09-04

in recent years, it seems, the silicone material is widely product development speed, from the perspective of a related expert analysis, silica gel products can reach tens of billions of value in this year, there is a space in billions of domestic market, so in the next few years the silicone products market how? Can imagine only domestic open in about 60% above the market now, a lot of third-tier city, small town, villages and towns of silicone products are not widely used, so think about such a big gap in the market, until now still remain to be a virgin land development, why is not the core of development in the future? Just now a lot of silicone products manufacturer for this market is still not so sure!

now silicone material in the market for the above whether pure silica gel or silica gel products is very broad, silicone material products are mainly applied in the future to some plastic bags hardware electronic products, to replace some of the performance do not adapt to the material, and now the silicone bag plastic electronic products on the market is gradually opening, the material of many emerging technologies include silica gel material, such as a shell, a gasket and so on, some time ago after news reports said the emergence of the robots will be used to silicone material, including silicone doll is now using electronic technology combined with silicone material to produce, so the silicone is indispensable in the reference in the future.

from the development history of silica gel in the early nineteenth century. Scottish chemist developed natural rubber after the application and development of silicone products step by step to now are to rise, in recent years, the silicone rubber industry also obtains the incredible progress, increased consumption, a lot of friends are turning to the silicone industry, with the open of the market, now the silicone products manufacturer is also more and more, according to the statistical investigation, silica gel products within the next 20 years, can occupy more than 25% of all manufacturing industry in China, thus the silicone escalation of development in the future, will become the essential core products in the future.

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