The silicone products is considered one of the edible compounds

by:Cupidove     2020-09-20

the silicone products is our is our life now is lack of an auxiliary tool, the silicon has cognitive scientists can use one of the elements of a kind of edible, silicon element in the early 17th century, in the ancient silicon is what we call the silicon, silicon also known as silica gel, until now in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan area of silicone rubber products are referred to as the silicon rubber products, silicon is the nature of existence in rare earth, gravel, a crystal particles of rock, found in the silicon in the atmospheric environment is forming 'silicate' attached to the oxygen.

series of organic silicon and silicon silicate is a member of the 'silicon alcohol group'. In organic silicon material, the hydroxyl is replaced with methyl, provides the silicon molecules and other very special properties. Silicon has long been regarded as a reliable important element. For many years, the national scientific paper has confirmed the value of 'silicon' in the human diet. Scientific studies have shown that silicon is very easy to be absorbed into the body, and through the human body cell chemical conversion. Modern diet may represents a reduction in the frequency of silicon in the diet, but silicon were there - Tap water purification, refined grains and high strength agriculture processing may be the reasons of the loss of 'silicon' elements in the diet. Even so, the silicon in Europe is still 20 - the average intake of number 30 mg/d

now silicone articles for daily use of most products are revealed with silanol group, the adsorption of products were all used to convey details of silica gel, so the silicone products is what we call the food grade silica gel materials, from science above for silica gel is a kind of edible substance, so the silicone products manufacturer in the production process of articles for daily use, accessories, and so on are losing made of food grade silicone raw materials in the case of articles for daily use to eat of silica gel material basic all can rest assured, it is to the body of a material without any influence.

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