The silicone product warranty problem or not

by:Cupidove     2020-09-15

a lot of things in our life have quality problems, quality issues will be involved in life's problems, we can common is the shelf life of food, a food shelf life for a lot of friends are very seriously, everything has a shelf life, big and small products, household items, including silicone products, too, a lot of friends question, not with silica gel products is broken is shelf life in it, actually silicone products also is not so simple, let's for a minute!

the shelf life of silicone products mainly is calculated according to the two, one is in accordance with the use of number, one is in accordance with the terms of the time, shortly before the net friend asked, his a silicone pacifiers used a year, take out now can also use? This issue also has a lot of kinds, and can use some to evil others said put for a long time can't use the silicone material, in fact, the shelf life of silicone products is mainly according to the regulations of the manufacturers, many product performance so use different time is different.

we some commonly used silica gel products basic life is made of imported food grade silicone material can still calculate so, shelf life is mainly depends on the performance of the silica gel and we add in the production of material and using ordinary silicone products used in some industrial above if not people with more than two years is no problem, we are living in the silicone products material is better, in general can use three to five years is no problem, but in the midst of articles for daily use, because the silica gel in the damp air will gradually reduce the degradation performance, so supplies if the above is to prevent too long, or suggest not to use, for the shelf life of silica gel mainly depends on the product of raw materials and USES, the shelf life of all kinds of silicone products is different, so when buy out the performance of the other, with no special requirements, also note that warranty aspects after the use of

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