The silicone mold how to solve the problem of poor pull

by:Cupidove     2020-04-28

the silicone mold how to solve the problem of poor tensile

mould silica gel when use tend to be asked to have tear tensile resistance is strong, rolling over more, long service life, in fact, these are not a specific parameters, mold the silicone especially different manufacturers have different performance, these are normal, the following is Cupidove silicone manufacturers many years of experience are an effective way to actually point we have spoken in the above, due to silicone oil to add too many factors, the second point due to the use of small hardness silicone mold for building products, because the silicone is too soft, lead to inadequate performance is not strong, eventually results in the decrease of strength of tensile and tear, produced mold is easy to deformation, to the number of rolling over lower! Some patterns are complex small products, due to the silicone products hard time is too long will be very fragile! Easy to break, with high hardness of the silicone mold cavity will also reduce the mold silicone rolling over the number! As to solve the problem of fewer mold silicone products turn mould we need only around the use of suitable hardness silicone production mold concept can!

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