The silicone mold how to make easy to understand

by:Cupidove     2020-04-28

the silicone mold how to make a simple

open silicone products mold operation method can be roughly divided into two kinds, one kind is filling mould, brush mode is a kind of fragmentation, shard brush mode is mostly points 2 slices, also can brush multichip module, specific how to operate it,

irrigation mode: irrigation model is relatively simple, fixed products ( Die) Spray a layer of clean, surface treatment, mold release agents, surrounded with board, around the silica gel in proportion to the mix, pumping air into vacuum state, then just pour, silicone products natural flow flat, 3 - 4 hours after curing can open mold.

brush mode: brush model is relatively complicated, after mold kind of handle, choose good parting line and parting line filled with oil sludge, spray a layer of mold release, then edge can brush glue, general brush is good, 3 times in the middle can spread a layer of gauze, in order to enhance tearing resistance of the silica gel, brush model between 15 - every time 20 minutes, one side after curing, and then changed to brush the other side, brush the whole process of mold, you also need to have an outer mould have the effect of fixed, general plaster or glass fiber reinforced plastic mould, so the operation is complex. You can choose according to their requirements to open mold.

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