The silicone mold how to make a liquid silicone mold process

by:Cupidove     2020-04-28

to make silicone mold matters that should be paid attention to how to make silicone products mold

to make silicone mold also called mold cavity, actually not difficult, operation is to brush model with two kinds of filling mould, irrigation mode method is not commonly used, while the operation is simple, but it is waste material, here is not much said, silicone brush die way open mold, there is some note, here share with you.

brush die way open mould usually need to do two mould. Silica gel as the internal model, the model with gesso goods outside the glass fiber reinforced plastic support, simple steps can be summarized as, prepare materials and tools, and fixed mode of cleaning, sludge mat stay part of the parting line part of the brush mould first, note that the brush mold injection mold release money first, after being dry in brushing glue, silica gel after mixing, must carry on the 3 - At five minutes of vacuum exhaust run, usually brush to brush 3 layers, can put a layer of gauze, purpose is to enhance the tear resistance, after waiting for silicone products cured, outside the above do die. Make mould to do the following, usually divided into two pieces more.

note that brush silica gel, to stay layer is linked to brush the second layer, interval 20 minutes or so, the choice of silica gel hardness must meet the specific requirements of the arts and crafts, small soft some, some big hard. Dismantle when don't use brute force, silica gel to use is not to add too much lower hardness, secretly will damage the performance of the silica gel. Recommend, need mold the silicone should choose real, long service life and have further understanding to welcome consulting Cupidove silicone products Lao wang, welcome to discuss silica gel.

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