The silicone mold common problem how to solve

by:Cupidove     2020-04-28

the silicone mold common problem how to solve the

liquid silicone mold silica gel is in common use, the silicone mould also has a lot of common problems, such as difficult demoulding, dig out the product is not smooth, mold oil, fewer mold, aging, and so on many problems, of course, the main reason must be the performance of the silica gel itself quality problem, good silicone products natural problem is a lot less, on the contrary, some small manufacturer production of silica gel will often appear many problems, so, choose a good silicone supplier, supply stability, quality guaranteed, the following analysis of silica gel under rolling over why few times.

here looking for a few reasons,

1, the hardness of the silicone do not match, fine grain handicraft can't use high hardness of the silicone mold, the higher the hardness brittle, tiny grain of silica gel is easy to fracture, general big do with high hardness silicone products mold, small, on the other hand,

2, rolling over in the process of product heat or ambient temperature is too high, so the mold for a long time under the environment of high temperature ageing is not durable, lead to fewer die,

3, human factors, in the process of operation is not careful to slide the silica gel breaking, crackled silicone mold will slowly tear along the fissures, cause fewer silicone mold rolling over.

there are many reasons why differ a list, in the mold the use of silicone products in engineering have what problem can feel free to contact us Cupidove silica gel, meticulously detailed answer for you

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