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by:Cupidove     2020-04-29
mobile phone sets of the original is attached as appendix of electronic products, at first, its main function is to protect the surface of the product from scratch, dirt. Most handheld electronic devices shell, in pursuit of beauty, on the surface of the design are mostly adopts hard mirror plastic case or metal shell, and in everyday use, often with clothing desktop or other material objects in contact friction, the production will not take long before surface scratches, severe and decoloring, so a new machines will soon become old, more than a few hundred yuan thousands of yuan of equipment, because of the wear and tear of the exterior value will be discounted; Therefore, careful consumers will think a lot of ways to protect their machines; In silicone mobile phone sets, careful manufacturers will give these devices with a leather or cloth. But in fact, due to the use of inconvenient, these attachments are set aside by user; Because, in the process of normal use, if you put on a leather or cloth, tend to affect the normal operation, especially mobile phones with keystrokes such a handheld device; And silicone products mobile phone sets just have holster and cloth does not have the characteristics of the silicone products material is transparent, soft, elastic, complete set on the machine, also won't affect the machine's control. And silicone mobile phone sets through the design of the mould forming, so the manufacturer will give full consideration to handling; Ensure the silicone products mobile phone a condom after machine without holster, cloth off less frequently from the machine to mount, this greatly convenient for the user.
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