The silicone material - you know True and false of silica gel products if you can recognize

by:Cupidove     2020-08-25

must speak of silica gel is no one know, but the silicone although heard of, but its material you ever have a real understanding? Material of true and false can you identify? Then the following change for silica gel the stuff you described exactly how to differentiate between! ! ! !

many silicone products manufacturer in silicone industry under the intense many purchaser should not be neglected to the attention of the silicone raw materials, it is because of the problems in the quality of raw materials, influences on the market a lot of product performance can not reach the standard, a yellow, smaller product long-term tensile resilience and so on. And the custom silicone products raw materials have problems?

so this is also divided into ordinary and first-class raw materials, useful to use a different material for different performance, silica gel products are non-toxic material, so the difference between the ordinary silica gel and platinum silicone lies in various aspects of the performance gap, which is a bigger concern for many consumers. Let's meet the difference between the ordinary silicone products and food grade silica gel!

common silicone products also do not represent is a kind of common material, it has to do with food grade silicone raw material producing method, just add a mixture of vulcanizing agent is different. Its performance for many local outstanding characteristics, our many common industrial accessories and auto parts are made of ordinary silicon rubber or rubber to it won't appear combination reaction is used in a variety of devices and harmful substances, also won't appear smell and high transparent material, good performance, the main processing method is to use ordinary curing agent. Rarely used commonly to some environmental protection industrial life. Ordinary curing agent with a lot of chemical raw materials can be suitable for mixing.

and using new platinum vulcanizing agent in food grade silicone molding, products are mainly for environmental protection product production, the main function yellow resistance performance is good, fast curing and dispersion performance is strong, small volatile performance, suitable for PE, vinyl, etc. , in the life, the medical industry, food industry of silicone products are with platinum vulcanizing agent and silica gel mixing and gas phase method, so a lot of consumer concern is how to distinguish whether or not they are with platinum vulcanizing agent produced by catalytic!

the price of platinum vulcanization agent with ordinary silica gel curing agent is quite different from that in many places to use ordinary vulcanizing agent will choose the vulcanizing agent according to the corresponding properties of the material. But the difference is that the performance of the product is different, the price is different, different tensile rate, common plastic tensile resilience will appear white fog,

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