The silicone manufacturer to teach you how to discern between true and false of silicone rubber products

by:Cupidove     2020-09-23

there are more and more silicone products manufacturer, which make our consumers is difficult to identify true and false of silicone rubber, led to a news report silicone poisoning events, and silicone rubber is actually non-toxic tasteless, but can't guarantee in our silicone products production industry without disadvantage false silica gel products. Commonly so everyone at the time of purchase to query the silicone manufacturers or production number, check about whether it is formal manufacturers.

common disadvantages of silicone products can be identified from the smell and taste, if there is a smell abnormalities in smell, feel the feeling of blunt nose, normal silica gel is boring no matter how to can't abnormal smell smell, a silicone products manufacturer in touch in the process of production will be to add some non-toxic mixture, to make the appearance of the silica gel products lubrication degree, so the normal silicone products will not appear on the surface of rough, uneven now, if you have this kind of phenomenon, is the silicone raw materials in residue, production personnel did not find out lead to flow to the market, but a high quality manufacturers generally do not appear this kind of phenomenon.

if the above two points are unable to discern the silicone of true and false of words, then you can cut the product a bit down in the fire burning and see what it will appear abnormal phenomenon, if there was a thick black smoke and burning is very bad, so is the fake of silica gel products, an authentic silicone products, regardless of how the combustion is white smoke, silica gel in the fire is the best identify true and false, is introduced. Hope to be able to give friends help purchase silicone products.

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