The silicone information [ The future robots can replace human? ]

by:Cupidove     2020-09-19

now the development of science and technology of technology is getting better and better, the emergence of our robot also slowly, just like we saw the television some of the robot, such as a fire of transformers, completely for everything 'can be persons, but in real life is not so fast development, but now we have a lot of things are on mechanical processing production few people to operate, and in some big companies almost always appear a lot of robotics, artificial intelligence operations, do not need the human to make complete, if in such down some of our silicone products manufacturer was eliminated by unemployed workers will face in the future?

as early as a few years ago the domestic well-known enterprise foxconn there are already robot to replace some jobs, artificial dangerous operations lead to layoffs and lower wages, foxconn robots will inevitably be the emergence of some workers appear the phenomenon of unemployment, now the manufacturer of a lot of lines are all workers, as some of our silicone products factory is a artificial pipelining, if a robot can do, so every boss wants to use robots, not by the efficiency of fast, and ten men before, a robot can be solved, if one day robots replace your seat, how do you think?

as a member of the silicone products manufacturer, the idea is to work hard, so that later not eliminated by robots, and in a way to think about it, to make robots out is to reduce the number of people are busy, you can take it easy, every day in the said after ten years or twenty years with robots, our technology and to what extent is also perhaps, but now everyone should do their thing on his post.

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