The silicone glue machine, automatic glue machine

by:Cupidove     2020-04-28
Location accurate, high precision and little error operation: grinding linear slide rail with high precision and high accuracy balance device. Powerful electrical control system: USES the import original motor, panasonic PLC, touch screen, electronic components, wiring, dust-proof, anti-static system are designed according to the national standards. With glue: high precision gear pump, give full play to its advantages, large amount of adhesive used for plastic, resin high proportion of new technological breakthroughs. A, B glue liquid level alarm function: can arise in A timely manner to prevent break glue phenomenon. Original timing glue system: to prevent shifts, rest temporarily stop glue, glue operation time, mixing system caused by the glue curing, infinite delay operation time. B resin adhesive curing agent monitors: prevention for B adhesive glue and glue it problems. Multiple filtering system: glue from plastic barrels to the plastic head, adopting multiple filtering, prevent the rubber ladle into the impurities in the pump. Can increase the heating device, equipped with A rubber mixing equipment to prevent precipitation. Automatic cleaning system: using liquid packing machine, only in the glue mixing head, after use automatic cleaning, rapid and convenient operation. With glue, glue integration design, along with it, fully automatic operation. Easy to operate, can store 10 set parameters, production out product parameters, press the start key.

the silicone glue machine, automatic glue machine suitable for:

major in applied to in the LED industry: light-emitting module, display, hard and soft article lamp, fluorescent lamp, wall lamp, etc; In the electronic industry such as: waterproof power supply, such as resistors, capacitors, products are widely used, however, the traditional artificial glue has many disadvantages:

1. Glue quantity is uneven, manual operation completely, proportioning, uneven glue quantity, the lower the product percent of pass.

2。 Artificial glue is slow, production.

3。 Artificial recruitment, management is difficult.

4。 Purely human caused by the waste of glue.

this machine can completely solve the above problem, for customers to save costs, improve product quality and production, has become an important tool for customer towards high efficiency production.

the silicone products glue machine, automatic glue machine

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